Castle Rock SNMPc Online

Castle Rock SNMPc Online

SNMPc OnLine is an advanced reporting plug-in for the SNMPc Enterprise Network Manager. With a dynamic web based console and flexible presentation options, SNMPc OnLine gives you unprecedented network visibility across your entire network infrastructure.

  • Seamless Integration with SNMPc Enterprise
  • SNMPc Graphical Network Display
  • Customized Visio Diagram Support
  • NetFlow & sFlow statistics
  • Syslog event logging
  • Scheduled Email Reports
  • High Level Summary Views
  • Custom Dashboard Views
  • Topology and Event Search Views
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Industry Standard Technologies
  • Automated Performance Reports

NetFlow & SFlow

SNMPc OnLine supports a broad suite of application monitoring technologies including NetFlow, SFlow, JFlow and IPFIX. An intuitive front end delivers in-depth understanding of network traffic, application usage and user traffic flows.

Utilizing NetFlow and sFlow enabled switches and routers in the network from manufacturers including Cisco, HP, Juniper and Allied Telesyn, SNMPc OnLine delivers network wide traffic insight without requiring the overhead of deploying separate hardware probes.

Benefits of NetFlow type technologies include:

  • Monitoring which applications are utilizing bandwidth on the network.
  • Tracking server usage and access requirements
  • Identifying network usage of non-business applications and websites
  • Creating baseline traffic profiles for modeling and capacity planning
  • Intrusion detection
  • Application License Compliance
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Visio Graphics Support

Visio® Graphics

Network managers can use SNMPc OnLine and Microsoft Visio® to create a graphical representation of their network infrastructure, presenting a highly customized management interface from any web browser.

Companies which currently use Visio to document their network infrastructure can quickly create a highly customized representation of their managed network by directly importing existing Visio diagrams into SNMPc OnLine. Network managers will also benefit from the many included symbol types and the extensive drawing capabilities of the Visio application when creating new network drawings. Visio stencils, templates and drawings are available from many network device vendors and third party developers.

The use of Visio drawings is fully integrated into the SNMPc monitoring and management paradigm. SNMPc OnLine changes the color of Visio symbols to represent the status of associated devices, links and networks. Each symbol can also be clicked on to drill down into other Visio drawings or to display a detailed node information page. Visio diagrams can be shown as full page displays or as part of custom “dashboard” collections including network, event and report views.

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Built-In Reports

Built-in Reports

Specialized Reporting

Get “out-of-the-box” results with optimized report formats for key network metrics including network availability and latency, router and switch performance, server CPU and disk usage, and selected vendor devices.

High Level Report Overviews

Display multiple reports in a single Top N dashboard view. Concise one screen interface delivers network overview and proactive “to do list” for potential network issues.

Device Overviews

Selecting a node name from any report view shows an overview dashboard for that device. This overview provides detailed node information including the device description, basic health parameters, and a summary for each of the performance reports associated with the device.

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Custom Dashboards

Mix and match information from multiple reports and devices on personalized web pages with versatile graphic elements including dials, 3d-graphs, tables, charts, event views and node lists.

Map and Event Search Views

Search network topology and event logs by a variety of criteria and create shortcuts for personalized views. Use event searches to create active event views by device type, location, or customer/department.

Tailored Presentation

SNMPc OnLine presentation can be tailored to your corporate standard, including background graphics, coloration, and text styles. Full private labeling and language localization capabilities are optionally available.

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Multi-Vendor Support

Multi-Vendor Support

Vendor Specific Reporting

Monitor performance metrics from any SNMP v1, v2c, or v3 enabled device, regardless of vendor. High level reports show any private SNMP data in tabular form, which can be zoomed into for a more detailed graphic view. The vendor-independent graph display can be quickly customized and saved as a “quick link” for instant availability in the future.

Alarm Monitoring

SNMPc OnLine is fully integrated with SNMPc’s comprehensive alarming system. This includes the ability to monitor and parse SNMP alerts from any vendor’s devices. The integrated view of data reporting and alert collection on a single console greatly simplifies the task of proactively managing today’s heterogeneous network environments.

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Scalable Architecture

Scalable Architecture

Large Network Support

Manage large global networks with geographic or organization based report grouping and SNMPc’s distributed polling capabilities.

Multi-User Security

Restrict capabilities and reports available to each user based on their needs and responsibilities. An ideal solution for Management Service Providers.

Adaptable Technology

Industry standard technologies, including SQL database and PHP scripting, simplify development of future enhancements and adaptations to OEM markets.

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